Custom mautic MJML email template builder bug

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.9
My PHP version is: 8.1

Your problem
I have created a theme for Mautic and I’m encountering a bug with the GrapeJS builder.

The bug I’m experiencing is that when I open the theme for the first time (Channels → Emails → New → Select the theme), some text modules do not appear, and they only show up after saving and reopening the Builder. Even though they don’t appear the first time it is opened with the Builder, when previewing, everything appears fine, and those missing fields in the builder are still there.

Is this bug normal, or is it a problem with the theme I created? I have validated the code multiple times, and it follows the documentation.

Specific Example:
Theme selected and builder opened without saving.

Theme selected, saved, and opening the builder:

Code of that specific section:

    <!-- Modulo de noticia na vertical -->
    <mj-section padding="40px 20px" background-color="#fff">
        <mj-text color="#1A1817" font-size="23px" font-family="Inter, Arial" font-weight="600" line-height="32px">
          Módulo de notícia na vertical
        <mj-image src="#" />
        <mj-text color="#1A1817" font-size="19px" font-family="Inter, Arial" font-weight="600" line-height="24px">
          Título da notícia é inserido neste campo
        <!-- This text doesnt show at first --><mj-text color="#1A1817" font-family="Inter, Arial" font-size="16px" line-height="24px">
          Este campo de texto destina-se à descrição da notícia. Aqui pode fornecer uma breve visão geral dos principais detalhes e eventos, despertando o interesse dos leitores e convidando-os a ler a notícia completa.
        <!-- This button doesnt show at first --><mj-button inner-padding="12px 20px" background-color="#fff" color="#1A1817" border="1.5px solid #868485" align="left" font-weight="600" font-family="Inter, Arial" font-size="16px" css-class="button" border-radius="2px">
          Ler mais

I would greatly appreciate anyone who can help me with this issue. Thank you for your attention.

Hi @ricfreire, have you found a solution to this issue?

Hi @omar.vasquez I did not. I reported the bug on Github (Builder not showcasing the code correctly · Issue #12549 · mautic/mautic · GitHub) and no one responded. I hope that it gets fixed.

The solution is ready to test DPMMA-2600 Fix for Grapesjs-Mjml self-closing tag issue by patrykgruszka · Pull Request #13431 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

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