Bounce handling + Multi Domain

When using the automated bounce handling and using Multi-Domain + Sending as Owner I get some issues.

For example, the return path gets set to the domain of the inbox that I monitor for bounces.

Does anyone have experience with using Bounce handling with Multi-Domain?

What smtp do you use?

Different providers, but I don’t use any API connection, always direct SMTP.

Ok. Did you try to setup a bounce address with same email handle through the different domains? Are you using my MultiDomain plugin?

Yes, so it’s pretty easy to set a bounce address in /app/bundles/EmailBundle/Helper/MailHelper.php.

I haven’t figured out how to set it this way "" acc to the documentation here: Bounce management | Mautic . But I cant imagine that will give me any issues.

I would then ofc need to point this:

To some type of catch all, but here is a small problem.

How can I point the above to the catch all inbox, and run the cronjob: php /path/to/mautic/bin/console mautic:email:fetch

without having Mautic to change the return path (because if Mautic does that, it rewrites it to the domain of the catch all address?

Is the Multi Domain plugin rewriting it?

No, but if I use Matic bouncer handling, the return path gets rewritten by that function. And it rewrites it to the same domain as being monitored by “Bounces” (see earlier post).

Ok thx just wanted to be sure

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