Bounce mail not working if lead has same domain as that of email domain used to send mail

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3.1
My PHP version is: 7.4.18

my bounce email are working but when the contact has same domain as that of the domain used to send email in Configuration (mail send settings) - bounce email is not working

any ideas ?


Found that bounce mails are working via Segment Emails but not via campaigns - any hints experts ?

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That should not happen.
What SMTP?

SendGrid account with Domain 1
Mail send settings → Domain 2

using segment email → it is working
Using campaign → neither it worked with default email neither with advanced email settings

Are you using bounce API or mailbox monitoring?

In SendGrid:

  1. I have enabled webhook and selected these suppressions settings:


  1. under Forward Bounce messages settings => given mailbox where bounce, blocks etc needs to be forwarded

  2. under suppressions => Block => all emails are getting notified

  3. under suppressions => Bounces => some emails are getting notified and some of them are not (these are those only fired via campaigns)

Under Mautic:

under configuration => email setting => under Monitored Email Settings => Default Mailbox, Bounces, Unsubscribed settings => all points to same mailbox.

You should stick to one method. The API should take care of your unsubs, monitored email boxes is if you don’t have an API feedback loop. Did you verify if the API loop is working?

I did tried testing the API integration via Sendhook but didnt got any results - my facult that I too ignored it and made in enabled.

Shall I disable the webhook and keep rest of the settings and test it ? - though should have tested it no :~(

Sorry, I only do API (Especially Amazon). I found the bounce processor too unreliable on my setup. Can’t hep with that. Maybe you should open a new Forum Topic with the Subject ‘Sendrid API help’.

no worries…thanks @joeyk