Mautic 'send from' address only valid if on installation domain?

There are several other posts about the ‘send from’ address, but I can’t find the answer to the following question.

As I understand it, you can set the ‘send from’ address specifically in two places
* Settings => Configuration => Email Settings
* In the email itself, via Edit => Advanced tab

My experience is that I can only get messages sent successfully if the ‘send from’ address is based on the same domain that Mautic is installed on.

IOW I can only get a successful send if the ‘send from’ address is:

If I put any other address in the ‘send from’ field, even when it is a valid email address, the send fails 100%

My question is – is this how Mautic works? Is it supposed to be like this, or am I missing something?

Any help appreciated.

Not really. What are you using as email sending method? Can it be that you are using Amazon SES or any other smtp where the mentioned second domain is not approved?
This could be the reason why they fail.

Hi joeyk,

thanks for your response. I am sending through an SMTP server that I set up on a VPS.

I tried a couple of other email addresses on a different domain that I own in the ‘send from’ field.

I am new to this – I didn’t realize that the domain used in the ‘send from’ field had to be approved by the SMTP.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try to find some information about that. If there’s anything you can add, that would be great.

Hi joeyK,

I am using Postal for my SMTP service. I just took a look and I guess what you are saying is that I would have to add that second domain in Postal in order to use it in the ‘send from’ field in Mautic.

Thanks for your help.


No Problem Robert! Quick question: do you have feedback loop setup for postal? Is it imap? Thx

Hi Joey,

I have been trying to figure that out. I have an IMAP enabled email set up in the ‘Monitored Inbox Setting’, which tests successfully when I click ‘Test connection and fetch folders’. I have set up a ‘Bounced’ segment with the appropriate filtering.

But I don’t yet understand what happens next, or if there is anything else I have to do.


Yeah, I never got that working, this is why I was asking.
However I created a small php script on my server, that accepts the payload from Postal webhook, and sets bounced status via API for the email concerned. I’m not using Postal right now, as warming up your own IP is a pain, but I can look up the script (dirty workaround) if it is any help for you.

HI Joeyk,

I have just set up postal and have it working. I fear I may be boldly going where angels fear to tread with regards to IP warming and managing my own IP. I know just enough to be dangerous and I end a low volume of email.

I am have hit a wall with getting managing bounces. I can’t get Postal to fwd bounced emails to a mautic monitored inbox. I have managed to mess with the code so that postal does not overwrite the mautic generated bounce back address. This might create DNS issues for me but one problem at a time.


The inbox that Mautic monitors won’t accept the bounced backed emails once mautic has added the unique identifier additions to the return path address.

I am not sure what to try next?

U mention PHP scripts and payloads? But this level of fix might be beyond my understanding level.

hi @joeyk
I manage a Mautic installation using Postal as SMTP. I have now the challenge to register bounces in Mautic what ideally could be done using webhooks.

Could you explain or share you solution to this matter? Would be fantastic to have an integrated handler to Postal webhooks but until then that script you mention could fit.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not a symphony coder, so I do everything quick and dirty :frowning:
However I never trusted the monitored inbox, probably because I’ve never fiddled a lot around with it.

I have a script laying around somewhere, that captures webhooks from POSTAL and does DNC via API to Mautic.
Would that by any help?

Thanks for the quick reply, would you be so glad to share it? it will be really useful to the community as i saw many user of Postal.

I originally coded it for Sendy in 2018, so it’s khm well…
But I’ll send it to you in PM, let me look it up this afternoon.

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@joeyk this script you are talking about, it would be golden to get access to that if it’s possible? I got the postal installation working but without any bounce management, I am kind of screwed. Another thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Joey,

If you’re trying to earn revenue on your work - totally understand. If not, it would be super helpful if you shared it here in this thread!


Hi, I dont share content for money on the forum in private messages. But the script I have is not uptodate, doesnt work with postal now. Since I dont have a working postal at the moment I cant test it. If you send me a bounce webhook content I will modify the script and post it.

OK; I’ve dived deep into this and I can confirm with 100% certainty that external e-mail addresses i.e. ones not at, when assigned to e-mails, are IGNORED and mautic uses the DEFAULT address instead.

Now, that’s a Big Bummer.

Also, there is NO WAY to make Mautic not use the ‘append +_bounceXYZ’ into the source e-mail making any responses fail to be delivered 100% if your SMTP server does not support the ‘+’ semantics.

That should be in red all over the place.

Same problem is visible here:

Currently, there is no way to:

  1. send emails from external domains
  2. override Mautic messing with the source e-mail address.
    Yes, in some cases, especially when sending private e-mails we do not care about tracking at all.
  1. send emails from external domains

I’m not sure what do you mean by that.

You can have your mautic installed at “” and send emails from “”. It is pretty standard procedure. We do it by 80+ clients every day.

You can even adjust the tracking domains with the multi domain plugin, so the email address domain matches the tracking links. This plugin also demonstrates how to alter email content via plugin dynamically.