Bug? No upcoming event for scheduled not read email

Hi, i am using the latest mautic version and for some reason something that used to work for me up until few days ago stopped working.

So i have a campaign running that send email to the user. Than i have 2 options:

  1. The user opens the mail and get 4 points
  2. The user don’t update the mail and i send another mail after 2 days

Up until few days ago when i user started the campaign i will have in the user data upcoming events showing that in 2 days the system will send the another mail. This is how it used to look

And for some reason it stopped showing upcoming events when it related to ‘not opened mail’. Every other events show up but if it’s related to open mail event i don’t see it as upcoming events but the campaign and events working while it now show up for the user.

I am not sure if it’s realetd to the update i made because i tried to restore the system one month back and i am having the some problem and it used to work well before.

Does anyone have any idea if that something that can be fixed?