Bug that doesn't make sense on replies monitor

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4+
My PHP version is: 8

Your problem

This simply doesn’t make sense.
I am using gmail imap to get contacts reply data.

I have tested in on about 4 different mails, i have one mail that it can collect the reply message and 4 others that it doesn’t work in there.

On the 3 mails that it doesn’t work mautic able to detect the bounces mails but not the contact replies.

And on the mail that does work (the mail i am using as my active mail) if i detect replies mautic mark the mail as read and i can’t use it.

I am been trying to make it work for 2 days but can’t find a way to make it work.

I have no idea why 1 mail work and the other 3 don’t, and it seems like mautic can read the bounces mails so it doesn’t make sense it can’t read the replies.

Does anyone know what i can do to make it work?

Tried to test it with outlook as well and doesn’t work as well.

Mautic know to connect to the mail and allow me to select folder but it don’t know to collect the reply.