Mautic marks as read gmail message via contact replies monitor

Hi guys,
I am monitoring contact replies in mautic via gmail imap.

I am facing a problem that when the fetch mails cron run it make my emails marked as read:
php /path/to/mautic/bin/console mautic:email:fetch

Is there a way to fix that so it won’t mark the mails as read?

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You could use a separate mailbox just for replies (something like That mailbox could forward messages to yours, but the replies would be tracked in the other inbox.

Thanks i got to the same idea and i use cloudflare to forward email to 2 different gmail accounts.

The problem i have a the moment is that mautic know how to read data from one account but not from the other.

Also the fact that there is no way to not mark it as opened is also a problem.