Call for businesses - Webmecanik, a leading Mautic contributor looking for business to acquire

Webmecanik, as a leading contributor to the Mautic open source project, is proud to announce our intent to expand our services. We are actively looking to acquire businesses that offer hosted Mautic under a license fee.

Our goal is to streamline the Mautic hosting experience, further innovate the platform, and provide users with unmatched quality.

If you own or know of such a business interested in this opportunity, please contact us directly.

About Webmecanik

Webmecanik is one of the first Mautic hosted providers under Webmecanik Automation. Started in 2016, Webmecanik is now hosting more than 600 marketing automation accounts in about 10 countries for 5 differently located clusters.

Our solution is aimed as much for SMBs as for renown and big organizations such as banks and insurance providers.

Since 2022, Webmecanik has launched Webmecanik Pipeline, a CRM closely connected to Mautic to cover the Sales & Marketing needs.

About Webmecanik contributions to Mautic

Our experience over the last 7 years made us the main community contributor (after its previous owners Mautic Inc. & Acquia). Our philosophy is still the same after all years sharing most of what we can with the community.

This experience helps us to offer a super robust and reliable solution with extended features for our customers. This includes support, maintenance, training, documentation and SLA.

Contact information

Contact Norman Pracht, Associate General Manager at Webmecanik, ex-Product Team Leader, directly on Slack, private message or