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Campaign doesn't send an email

Ok, will try.

Yep, it is working. You are awesome :slight_smile:


Please check the message as “answer”.

Still one tiny issue…

Under Points I set to add 5 points for someone who visits this site:

But nothing happens. No points added to the user.

Are you tracking the page? You need to track the page to update the lead.


I guess I do. I installed a plugin WPmautic and entered base URL:

I hope it is ok

The user needs to be logged in to track the email. If the user is logged in and it’s still not updating so please wait some time until new versions of WP Mautic to correct that.
You can check a solution here:

Until another release you can try those changes.

Thank you. I tried to subscribe via other browser, so I was not logged in the wordpress at that time.

I clicked that page: and then checked if it is noticed under the lead. It is noticed that I visited that page, but points were not added.

Any idea?

Points are not increasing, even when the tracking is working. I’m opening a request on Github to fix it. Thanks. Please don’t forget to check the answer for your first question.
Feel free to open other thread, with different subject.

Ok, how to check it?

Find my answer that solved your problem, look at the top-right of it, the same place that you find the “quote” icon.