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Campaign Email Not Sending Properly (This event encountered an error during the last attempt to process)

I installed and setup Mautic with Cron Jobs. I then created some contacts using myself along with a couple emails. I also created a few test campaigns.

If I go to a specific contact and send an email from within the Contact’s listing area everything works, and I can see the activity logged below right from a particular contact’s listing.

The problem comes when I add some test contacts to a segment and add the segment to a campaign that has a couple emails attached to it. One email is set to go out immediately and the other email is scheduled to go out in 1 minute.

I can see from a Contact’s log information that the first email gets triggered to send and then shows a warning triangle that when hovered over states: “This event encountered an error during the last attempt to process”.

The second email that was scheduled to go out in 1-minute shows that it’s scheduled to go out some time tomorrow.

Is there a way to make the emails send properly from a campaign? What am I missing?

Thanks for any help,

We are also seeing this warning triangle and message “This event encountered an error during the last attempt to process.” intermittently. Did you find a solution? Or at least a way to dig up more information about what error was encountered?

I’m encountering the same problem, has anyone figured this out yet?

Found the issue - the same template had already been sent to them.