Campaign stuck in the middle

We have created a campaign that sends a series of emails to our users, the frequency between the emails is 4-5 days.

There is a total of 27 emails that we want to send to our users.

The campaign worked well till the 9th email and now it’s not sending the remaining mails.

We did not make any changes to the campaign but it still stopped sending the remaining emails.

Does mautic have any setting that we need to tweak in order to resume the remaining emails?

Hello @amars ! Is it possible, that you added these emails later, after the campaign was already in a later stage for clients? Can you check if the next step is scheduled for a member of this campaign?

Hello @joeyk

Yes, we had rearranged a mail.

2nd email was rearranged to the 10th position and after this change, the campaign send emails only till the 9th position. The 10th position email is not triggered after the changes are made.

Hi, plz check out this video, maybe Future Joey has an explanation for you: