Restart a campaign with email time interval

Hey guys, hope you doing well.

So i have created my first email funnel with mautic and i found out i learned few lessons with that.

I have current campaign with few hundred people and i was sending emails in 2 days interval (so email was send ever 2 days).

It seems like i missed my deadline and there are people who got to the last email on the list and when i add new emails to the campaign they don’t get it.

I have tried to remove the contact segment and add the segment again but it seems like it restart the campaign again and wait 2 days to send the first email.

This is how it set to send but i think if the first email was already send it will have to pass the days for all the email that were sent to start sending the new mails.


The best thing i can think of right now is to create new campaign to continue the first one but if anyone has better idea to keep it with the first campaign i will be happy to hear about it.


I guess you want to have only one remaining journey and segment. What you could do is to set a tag on the contacts you do not want to start over again without waiting and only let those wait without this tag. As far as I understood your issue this could work.

I think pretty much all your questions will be answered in this video from Joey Keller:

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