Can i use contact information in email template subject?

I want to send an email to the company mailadress of a contact when he visits some page. Currently i use “Send email to user” for this, but there i can only enter static addresses, but not something like {contactfield=companyemail}‍

I’d also like to use some contact information to be added to the mail subject (e.g. “Mr. Arnold has visited this page”).

For part 1, I belive the way to handle that is to add the mautic tracker to the target webpage. You’d then create a campaign that watches for visits to the tracked page and sends an email to the visitors. You could also add those visitors to a segment, or use “stages” to promote a user from webpage visitor through some lifecycle. I could be off about this advice, I haven’t set it up myself yet.

For part 2, you simply add the the dynamic data into the subject field. Use the | pipe to add a default value in case the variable is empty:
Test Email #5 - Hello {contactfield=firstname|There}

Check the section on “Email Builder” which covers the subject line:

Hope this helps move you forward. Others may have better answers.