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Can't send manual emails

Hello everyone I hope you good, today I have a weird problem, I don’t really understand why it happens, I wish you can help me to fix that →

Your software
Mautic version v3.3.3
My PHP version is : 7.4.18
My MySQL/MariaDB version is : 10.5.11-MariaDB

Updating/Installing Errors
I am : Installing
Upgrading/installing via : Web

*These errors are showing * :

My problem is : When I send a test email from email configuration it worked, when I send a preview of the email it also work but when i try to send to a segment it fail all time, i have configured the cronjob on plesk look this screen :

I verify the cron work when I run it.

So i don’t understand why or where it fail

Thanks you to all in advance for helping me ! :slight_smile:

Just to understand: both emails failed on your screenshot? Did you set frequency for emailing?

Yes the two emails sended failed it’s a manual email so I have to set a frequency ? If yes how to do that please

Are you able to send emails to the contacts from within the contact record section. Ie a one to one email and not trigged by segment membership?

Yes I can send manual email to one or more without use segments when I send a preview test or the mautic test in configuration

Hi, your cron seems to be set wrong. In the screenshot you have relative links starting with httpdocs. When u try it in ssh, it will work, cause you are in the right folder. Ut the cron needs a solute links. You need to find out your root folder on the shared server.
For example /etc/httpdocs/mautic/bin/console