Changing style of default unsubscribe page

Hey fellow Mautic users,

I was wondering if the default Unsubscribe Page can be changed. Currently it is a big blank page containing only the sentence “sorry to see you go etc.”

Is it possible to change the layout of the page? I am not interested in setting up a Preference Center Page, all I want is to maybe add a logo and a bit more design to the default page.

Does someone know where the style of that page is being loaded from and wether it is changeable.

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I should imagine that it is using the html/message.html.twig file from the default theme that you have set according to the work that we’re doing on the new developer docs theme section:

Hi there,

We are on the point to create a PR including a new setting in configuration to have ability to setup a default PC.

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Hello @Leon_Oltmanns you can test Rewamp unsubscribe configuration and unsubscribe from all token by kuzmany · Pull Request #10579 · mautic/mautic · GitHub now :slight_smile:

Hey @npracht, thanks for the hint! I took a look and saw that this is not yet compatible with the GrapesJS Builder. Once it is, this will be a great addition! :slight_smile:

@Leon_Oltmanns with Added preference center blocks to GrapesJS builder by julienWebmecanik · Pull Request #29 · mautic/grapesjs-preset-mautic · GitHub it is :slight_smile: