Creating a welcome campaign


I’m using Mautic 3 and looking for how to create a “welcome campaign” for new contacts.
The contacts are background-imported every 1 hour.

What is a proper way to create a welcome campaign that will automatically start for new contacts that were imported? I could figure it out myself.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum.
There is multiple ways to do this:

1. field based:
A newly imported person will also gat a certain tag, a field or any attribute. This information qualifies the person to be a member of a segment. (contact has a certail tag) The segment will be the source of your welcome campaign. Campaign steps are the emails.

2. Segment based:
You already place a person to a segment, once you import. As above - the segment can be the source of the campaign, and emails are sent out.

The difference is in how you want to handle the contacts in the segment later. If you want to move them out from this segment by campaign action, or just by removing the qualifying attribute from them.

But anyway, both ways are fine, you can change this later.


Thanks joeyk.

So according to the tag solution, I can specify a tag in the import process to be attached to the imported but only new contacts? As I don’t wish to have updated contact receiving this tag as well.

Yes, If you want to send this campaign to imported only, than apply the tag at the import.
The rest of your contacts won’t be in that segment as they don’t have the tag. No segment membership means no campaign membership.

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Sorry, I got what you said now. No, updated contacts will be also in there.
So its better to give the ‘old contact’ tag to current contacts before the update. And new contacts would get the ‘new tag’.
Your segment would be than
“inlcuding new tag, AND excluding old tag”

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Aha, got it. I’ll give it a try and see if it’s a feasible solution.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I just thought about something.

So given I’m using a tag like “Welcome” to any contact who is imported, and creating a tag segment. Basically, everybody will have this tag.

But in my campaign, I can choose that the campaign cannot be restarted for a contact. Meaning each contact will participate in the campaign only once.

Am I correct here?

Yes you are.
I thought you already have some contacts in your system from before, who you don’t want to contact.
If you start with imports now, setting the “campaign not to repeat” is perfect

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Perfect, I’ll go for this solution then.