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Creating multi-touch campaign with visits page + segment change

I have been testing the campaign to prove out the first touch of a multi-touch campaign to move customers from Suspects to Prospect “status”. In specific, I am seeking input on the last third of the Campaign Builder scheme.

It’s the last third that is giving me issues. One element that I think is the core issue, comes from a “new account registration form” that is “part of and dumps data into” our ERP system. Since the form is a part of our ERP, I cannot get notification of the actual “submit” of the online form (which is actually a “pop-up” window).

Without the actual “submit”, I have been using workaround logic that a click to “Visit Page” link assumes completion of the “new account registration form” . (I am working with current state of what I’ve got to work with.) However, the “Visits Page” is linked in the Campaign scheme like this:

  • Opens Email

    * Adds Tag
            * Visits Page (New Account Registration Page via link to pop-up window form
                   * Action Links from "Visits Page" = Change Campaign  (remove Suspect - Add to Prospect) 
                                                                              & Change Segments (Prospect and remove from Suspect)