Custom Date Logic Question


I am trying to setup a campaign to see when last purchase date was a week ago. But having some trouble understanding how to configure correctly.

I would have thought of above logic, but does not seem to work.

Also how would I say greater than 7 days ago ?

Thanks in advance.




I assume you are running this in a campaign?

The thing about this step is that you need the campaign to recheck its self once a day. I suspect that you have added this and once it has run though this step it is not rechecking hence why you are not getting any results.

Try this:

  1. After your date check condition step add an action to wait 1 day and then add a tag (any tag will do eg temp tag 1) there is a bug with the jump step so adding this works around that.
  2. After the tag action then add a jump to step that takes you back to the check condition step.

This will loop the contacts round each day to check again

It will look something like this:

Hey Thanks for the reply. I am pretty good on campaign setup and jump events, my big question is how to write the query correctly through the GUI.

In my picture above is it written correctly, -7 does this mean 7 days ago ?


My understanding is this that -7 would be 7 days before your last order date. (so what you have done looks right to me)

RE the greater than question. I can’t think how you can do that in a campaign. I did think that maybe build a segment with a filter on the date filed - but this would only allow you to do it once and then every day you would have to update the segment - (not much help I know)

the custom date thing simple doesn’t work. Major flaw in the whole app given this is pretty much the core reason people would use this. Seems to have been broken for a long time.

We have resorted to doing date related conditions in php before updating the mau_leads table.

I really hope this is fixed in v4.

I don’t have an issue with day.
Seven days ago: date = -7 days

But that’s 7 days ago from now, not 7 days prior to any date moving forward…. We insert date stamps and need to trigger things 24 hours after that date stamp ….your method seems to hard code an actual date.