Does anyone use Mautic for product recommendation emails?

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The use case I am considering for Mautic is monitoring users behaviour on my website and then recommending them products based on what products they viewed / added to cart / bought.

I imagine I will need to link to Amazon Personalise for the recommendations engine - has anyone does this before?

There are also more than 10,000 products on my site so I would need a way of grouping users without relying on standard segmentation characteristics (using a 1 to 1 email approach rather than a 1 email to many recipients approach)

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Read community forums, google, YouTube

So you have a webstore with shopping cart in your web or all is sold via Amazon?
If so, which store engine, platform or software you use?

Thanks rcarabelli,

It’s our own ‘store’. We are actually a jobs board similar to Indeed, so a checkout is when a user clicks on ‘apply’ for a job. Our database (CRM) of jobs is stored in Drupal - does that answer your question? :slight_smile:

Ok, to understand your idea. You want Mautic to register when a user clics on a product, add it to a cart and buy it and send him suggestions according of the type of products he bought, 1x1 case.

Like adding a tag to his profile, for example, I click on a book about politics, so in my mautic profile the tags “clic on politics subject” tag is saved on my profile and if I add it to cart add the tag “save to cart politics subject” while deleting the “clic on politics subject” tag and then create campaigns for people who clic on politics, add to cart on politics and buy on politics, different types of campaigns to be delivered like 10 days after my action, 20 days after my action and so on, randomly suggesting me other books or items related to politics?

Is that your idea?

That is essentially correct, thank you! The thing I’m worried about is the scale that I need this to work on. Using the book analogy, there would be >10,000 books and lets say 100 different languages as well as soft cover or hard cover. So I need to see that a user wanted a politics book in French that was a hard cover. Because of the size of these combinations, I can’t use segments and instead need an automatic way of matching up these attributes.

Does that make sense?

yeah, that’s over my knowledge capacity.

That’s a job for AI or maybe use personalized contents in emails but doing it manually sounds a titan’s job.

Is not any way to simplify this? like limit options to 20 subjects with 20 variants so you will have to do only around 400 personalized contents?

Or like 40 categories and 10 variants (40 book subjects and 10 languajes) and randomize with that the products recommendations sending per communication like showing/sending randomly 12 of the ones that match with the tags.

We currently do a limited version like you’re suggesting with active campaign but can unlock an order of magnitude improvement if we don’t limit ourselves to a relatively ‘small’ number of segments.

Do you think it can be done using personalised contents? Or is this too complex for Mautic do you think?