Download too fast, campaign too slow. How to do it?

I’ve got this campaign:

When the user fills the form in she gets to the download page. So email 1 sending the download link is not really necessary. It is only in case she closes the browser. But normally the lead will submit + immediately download.

In case she downloads “nearly immediately” the download happens “before” she enters the campaign.

Then, she never gets out from the conditional. Ie: It seems the conditional gets triggered “IF” the download happens WHILE the lead IS WAITING in that slot, but does not pass-thru IF the contact ALREADY did the action previously.

How can I overcome that?

If I understand correctly, you can make 2 adjustment to solve this.

Use a campaign form rather than a standalone form, that way she will be added to the campaign immediately.

Add a delay before checking the condition. Give her time to do the download before checking to see if she has.

U can use the campaign action to add her to a segment so she is still “filed” correctly.