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if/then delay for second campaign


I have contacts entering into 2 campaigns at the same time, if they purchase 2 products on my website in the same transaction. I am using a Mautic / Easy Digital Downloads plugin which puts the contact into the appropriate segment when they purchase the products.
My question is… how can I control the timing of the emails so that they don’t receive both campaigns at the same time? Is there some way that a campaign can be set up to check to see if the contact is also in another campaign at the same time, and if so, to self-delay?

To give you an example, my purchase combination possibilities are as follows:

  1. Product A
  2. Product A + B
  3. Product A + C
  4. Product B
  5. Product B + C
  6. Product C

If contact buys A, but not B and C (scenario 1), then they will be entered into 2 email campaigns… which sell products B and C… Each campaign lasts for 3 days.

How do I ensure they do not receive both at the same time? I do not want to set a delay of 3 days for all people receiving Product C emails, to allow for product B emails to finish, as someone who only needs to receive product C emails should receive the first email campaign immediately.

Sorry if this is confusing, please ask for clarification if anything is not clear!