Dwc Content not working in Campaigns?

Hi All,

I have Campaign simple one , in the first one i have first name and email form after that i have request Dynamic content and push dynamic content , and i have added the HTML script in my page to see the dynamic content after user submits the form but i cant see it still.


Request Dynamic Content

Push Dynamic Content also same

And i have added the HTML code like this

> <div data-slot="dwc" data-param-slot-name="campaign-trigger">
>         </div>

1 - I have added the form Iframe code and added in my page like below

I have entered Firstname and Email and did submit
2 - After that I refresh my HTML screen to see the Dynamic Content but i cant see it still ( is it how the Request DWC and Push dwc will work in campaign)

Its still empty

Can anyone help on this please

Assume you are testing incognito? Or logged out of Mautic?

  1. Is the test contact in the campaign?
  2. Does the contact history show that the page is being visited and the form submitted?

I have issues with tracking which means any page hit triggers don’t work so verify that as a starting point.

Hi @robm ,

1 - I am not testing in Incog window , i have logged in Mautic dashboard and same new tab am testing it , I can able to see the form submitted contacts in Mautic but the DWC is not loaded.
2 - The contact history is submited using my local dev HTML site link in the screenshot

Also am using Local Dev site , do i need azure or Public site so that Mautic will work ? is this not work on Local ?

Mautic wont behave properly on a local set up. U need to have it hosted properly.

Mautic will also ignore all traffic from the same IP as the logged in user. So to test Mautic you need to be either logged out, incognito or use another computer with a different IP.

Hi @robm ,

I have tried added Live Website link , but still its not working tested incog window https://----campaigns/gaya-mautic/ I have a form here after I submitted the form redirecting the same page which has the form it doesnt show the DWC content

  • Is the test contact in the campaign?
  • Does the contact history show that the page is being visited and the form submitted?

Hi @robm ,

Contact is looks like this ,

but then the campaign redirect URL i gave same page after the formsubmit it will come to same page

The next step is request and dynamic content which is not showing my DWC in the same page

but still in the html page for the form below the DWC not working

Have you created the slot and inserted it correctly to the page? Is the page a mautic page or externally hosted page?