Dynamic Content in Email Issues

My Mautic version is: 2.16.1
My PHP version is: 7.2.29

I have been hjaving difficulties getting Dynamic Content in emails working properly and consistently.

The goal is to create a single email and be able to substitute out the footer depending upon the contact owner. Ideally, I would like to do this using about a dozen variations in a single slot.

So far I am able to successfully send an email using Dynamic Content with only the default and a single variation. Whenever I use more that one variation the results are not only unpredictable but non-repeatable.

As an aside, another thing which I have found odd is that the Dynamic Content 1 slot does not allow for more than a single variation, as there is no + NEW button. Is this supposed to behave this way?

As this is the case I have been trying to use the Dynamic Content 2 slot to substitute the footer. My test Dynamic Content is built out as shown in the images below.

Default Content:

Variation 1:

Variation 2:

Variation 3:

I have built the email (Segment Emails) using code mode and inserted {dynamiccontent=“Dynamic Content 2”} in the HTML where we wish the footer to display. It displays the default footer content in the preview and test emails as to be expected.

Code Mode:

I have a segment with 6 different email addresses that we use for testing. A couple of contacts have the default contact owner assigned and the rest are assigned to one of the three contact owners that I am using for this test.

Filter: Owner > Equals > Owner Name

The problems appear when sending the email. The contacts that do not have one of the three filtered contact owners assigned (the default), consistently recieve emails with the Dynamic Default footer. Unfortunately, those assigned with a contact owner for any of the variations do not consistently display the correct footer.

I have cloned the same email without changing a thing and resent multiple times, however, I have not had repeatable results. Some emails will display the default footer when they should have a variation assigned, other times several emails will have the correct variation, but never all three. On a few occasions, the variations were mixed and not attached to the correct email based on the filtered contact owner.

I have looked through the log files and even done a tail -f as I was sending to the segment and can not find anything that would be related to this issue.

Has anyone experienced this issue, or had success using multiple variations with Dynamic Content in emails?

I realize that intermittent and inconsistent issues are the hardest to track down, but I am hoping that the community here could offer some insight as to what I might try next to help isolate the cause of this issue.

Thank you in advance.