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I sent a request to increase our Amazon SES API account’s daily email message quota. The AWS Digital Messaging Team replied, in part, as follows: 'The email should include a reminder of why the user is receiving the message. For instance, you could include a sentence such as ‘You signed up to receive mail from example.com on March 24, 2015.’ I have the date when my customer opted in on our Excel worksheet under the field name ‘dtRegDate’ to receive an email message:

In this instance, how do I use HTML code (Mautic => Dashboard => Channels => Email => Campaign => Edit => Advanced) to build an email message with the opt-in date in the email message using the following dynamic syntax: {{ contact.field.opt_in_date }}.


Is this a potential solution to the dynamic code/syntax: {contact.dtRegDate|date("F d, Y")}:

To locate the dynamic code/syntax that pulls your client’s registration date from the database contact field ‘dtRegDate’ and pushes it to your email message campaign, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Mautic instance and navigate to the email message campaign where you want to include the registration date.
  2. In the email message editor, locate the section where you want to insert the registration date.
  3. Use Mautic’s token syntax to insert the dynamic code that will retrieve the registration date from the ‘dtRegDate’ contact field. The syntax for accessing contact fields is {contact.field_name}.
    In your case, the syntax would be {contact.dtRegDate}.
  4. To format the registration date in the desired format, you can use Mautic’s date formatting tokens. For example, to display the date as ‘March 24, 2015’, you can use the following syntax: {contact.dtRegDate|date("F d, Y")}.
  5. Save the email message and test it to ensure that the registration date is being pulled correctly from the contact field and displayed in the desired format.

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