E-Mail System for more User - How does ist work?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.10
My PHP version is: 8.0.30
My Database type and version is: 10.6

My system mail setting. The sender is the owner
But if a user send a e-mail, in the mail stands from: Mail Adress from the user (that is right) but also standing in the e-mail: replay to: Mail adress from the system.
How can i set it, that not the system e-Mail is standing there
Of course the e-mail adress of the user only should shown in the Newsletter - not mine.

How is the setup?

Click “Advanced” tab in the email in question, and set “Email is the owner”

Some questions about it:
My wife would use it too as separate user.
I don’t want to see her contacts and she should see my contacts.

My question: Now i have the role Admin. For that i have to unchecked full access and select, that i only see my contacts. But what permissions do i have to tick, that i have still access to the preferences of Mautic. I don’t want to lock myself out as an admin…

Rename your user as Admin user and create a new one for yourself which has the same rights as your wife’s


About the user rights (in the roles): Every user can see all segments of all user. Can set anywhere that every user can only see the own segments?

And if i want to see in my segments below the graphioc the contacts (my contacts - i’m the owner), i need a role with contact full acess. If only access with my contacts, the segment doesn’t show any contacts - only the datebase circle.
Don’t knot if a bug or if i hat overlooked something

Over 20 contacts are at the moment in this segment (i’m at the very beginning…)

Rearding the circle: Is this a new install or you updated from previous one?

It’s a new and fresh install of 4.4.10 - running since 2 days.

Hmm. If it would be an old install I would try to:

  1. run /bin/console mautic:assets:generate command in the appropriate folder.
  2. also clear the cache in YOUR BROWSER.

But if it’s brand new, then I’m not sure.

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