Edit contact editing page on mautic

I have already made some changes to the version of mautic i am running on my server, one thing i am currently interested in is being able to change the layout of the page you are presented with when you edit a contact. Where do i find the template file for it?

In Mautic, the contact edit page’s layout is generally controlled by the theme and templates used within the application. To modify the layout of the page when editing a contact, you’ll need to locate the template files related to the contact editing view.

The specific file or template responsible for the contact edit page can vary depending on the version of Mautic you’re using and any customizations applied. However, in most cases, you can find the templates related to contact editing in the following directory within your Mautic installation:


Within this directory, you might find template files such as edit.html.php or similarly named files that control the layout and structure of the contact editing page.

Keep in mind that modifying core files directly might not be recommended, as it can cause issues during updates and maintenance. It’s advisable to create custom themes or overrides to ensure your changes are preserved during updates.

If you’re unable to find the specific file or if the file structure varies in your Mautic version, consulting the Mautic documentation, community forums, or reaching out to the Mautic support community can provide more precise guidance tailored to your version and customization needs.