Email sending no longer works after updating

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My Mautic version is: 2.16.3
My PHP version is: 7.1.33

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My problem is:

Bear with me because I’m new to Mautic and APIs. I had an automated email saying “thank you for your inquiry” that was sending once someone submitted an inquiry on my site. My site uses the Wordpress plugin “Quform” which I believe sends to Zapier > Mautic > Zapier > Zoho CRM.

2 issues arose after Mautic updates / Zoho updates:
Mautic no longer sends the automated email and the lead no longer automatically populates in Zoho CRM. I believe I have a fairly complicated issue and I think I’m going to have to screen share with someone for them to figure out where the issues are.

Can anyone who’s experienced with Mautic / Zapier / Zoho CRM help?

@us_data_corp I can help if you’re still stuck. Drop me a PM with your contact details.

Hey codes,
I figured that issue out, but now I’m having a different issue. I added additional follow up emails to a campaign and they’re not sending? see pix-

I’ve found editing campaigns affect people who are mid way in the campaign in unexpected ways. If you’re testing it’s best to restart the campaign for the contact you’re testing with.

From your campaign picture it appears that most of your actions are not connected. You need to connect the first part of the campaign to the starting point (webforms in this case). Then link the next action and carry on until you reach the last action.

Without being connected the actions will not execute.

A good best practice is to build out campaigns with 3-4 actions. If you need more chain multiple campaigns together by using segments. This way the system load is not too big and it’s easier to maintain campaigns.

Once a contact has completed the campaign the next leg of the campaign picks up it’s contacts from the segment. You’ll need to use a naming convention to keep track. I.e. CandyFloss1, CandyFloss2, CandyFloss3 …

I saw a presentation at Mauticon where one of the Aquira presenters was describing that she uses segments to also keep track of where her contacts are in the campaign. Which means she creates multiple segments per campaign. Giving thought to naming conventions is highly recommended before you do this as you’ll have loads of segments after building out one campaign esp if you build out in multiple legs too.

BTW Campaign emails will be sent once per contact even if you remove and re-add the contact. Transaction emails will be sent each time a contact rejoins a campaign. This means you’d need a new contact email if you test a 2nd time with campaign emails.

It’s a smart feature that avoids accidentally making customers furious by repeating the same marketing messages over and over.

Hope this helps.