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My Mautic version is: 3.3.3

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My question is: We have configured Mautic campaigns so that each Campaign can include one/multiple Emails.
We have also ensured we can track Opened emails and Replied to emails - this is working fine.
What we are confused about are the campaign/email stats though:

Shouldn’t the ‘Replied to’ stat display in the Email stats too? Or shouldn’t the ‘Read’ stat display in the Campaign stats too? We are looking for a single place where to track all stats at once.
Any idea?

To make it more confusing, the ‘Replied to’ stat within the campaign seems to display only if a ‘Replies to email-Trigger action when contact replies to an email’ Decision is included in the Campaign.
Is that a good assumption? Otherwise I wouldn’t know how to explain why the ‘replied to’ stat is showing in some Campaigns and not in others.