Email: Transactional vs Marketing Question

For a periodical newsletters, should they be considered transactional or marketing?

Would someone also please remind me the difference internally between the two?


This video from our very own @joeyk should answer your question.


Thank you. Yes Joey is a great resource.

Presumably then, periodical newsletters should be considered transactional.


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Hi, I think if you are sending newsletter it should be marketing.
Anything that you send in large amount as a blast should be marketing.

Thank you Joey,

If I have a rss email templates to be sent - which I’m testing with Jump to Event - I’m concerned about the warning alerting to the limit of once per contact when selected in Email Type for marketing.

Since it’s the same email, would I still be able to send “n” times if set as Marketing?

Finally, do I set the campaign to allow contacts to restart with a Jump to Event?


Thanks for your help and advise.

Very good point.
You have to keep it as transactional.
If you jump within the campaign, they never leave the campaign, so you don’t need that setting.