Future of Mautic communities in Facebook & Co.?

Hi everyone,

As the Mautic Community Team, we constantly strive to achieve the best possible ecosystem for our users.
We all know there is still a lot of potential, and one area that we’re currently looking at is the relationship between https://forum.mautic.org/ and other places like official and inofficial groups in Facebook, LinkedIn and others.
This includes thoughts like

  • clear indication of what the official channels are
  • making all relevant content visible to Google
  • giving users access in their preferred tools / with low barriers
  • acknowledging that behaviour and habits are not the same around the world, plus providing local language places
  • allow for non-public conversations, too

Here is a proposed package to bring this forward:

  1. Aside from forum.mautic.org, define one Facebook group and one LinkedIn group as official, and fully embrace those

  2. Allow official local language communities to define their official social media group, too (ideally just one - again, aside from forum.mautic.org)

  3. Create bridges to copy all content from social media groups over to forum.mautic.org via API

  4. Ask the admins of all other Mautic groups in Social Media to join their official local language community and hand control of the group over to that community (or else, to clearly mark their group as inofficial)

  5. In all other relevant Social Media platforms, own the name “Mautic” and have a group in place that basically points people to the other channels incl. forum.mautic.org

  6. Use Slack for all communication that is not intended for Google.


Do you have any thoughts on this, any point that we missed, any suggestions for improvements?
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Like always, all feedback is appreciated!


P.S. If you’re wondering about the notion of “official local language communities” - stay tuned, we’re currently piloting this, and it’s a quantum leap!
Or contact my now if you want to be early adaptor with your country, language or region.

Mautic Open Source Project , Team Lead “Community”
Profile & Social Media: https://Leuchtfeuer.com/ekke
Podcast: https://www.mauticast.com


I think you nailed it :slight_smile:

this is probably the least important of the package you proposed: it’s probably hard to ‘get it right’. Also, once the policy goes into effect and social media groups loose traffic in favor of the forums, you may not need it anymore…
unless I misunderstood: are you suggesting to import existing content from the group before phasing them out?

Thanks for the feedback @smaffulli!
Let me try to rephrase:

  • I do not suggest phasing out all social media groups (at least not now: As of today, many seem to prefer it)
  • The idea is to import all new content on an ongoing basis. Not 100% sure that’s possible & legal, but looks like it is, and it’d be great to have everything in one place and visible to Google…
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Hello Ekke - my two Satoshis - generally there shold be ONE and only one “Go To” place for all “official announcements” - I am no fan of FaceBook, Linked-In, etc and see no place for them in an FOSS/OpenSource project with regards to “official channels”. I have no FaceBook account and would certainly not create one for this after resisting for 11 years. Thereafter the community is free to create whatever it wants (and it will do).

This forum is not perfect but does the job, it is Google friendly (you will not be over-looked by The Borg) and is a low bar of entry as you say - so no problem.

The API idea sounds like an engineering project that is doomed from birth to me…(you did ask!)

Re slack - I tnink the point has been missed here - it is not used to “hide form Google” - rather it is just super convenient and nothing more - but there are many disadvantages…I know we used it at work as our DevOps chat (global team approx 80 engineers) tool and it’s great for chat and groups - but there is a ton of (buried, lost, secret, ) valuable content in there that will never be found by the ŵanting and deserving masses. It could be that some of the best information and realisations are contained within chats.

Language is another huge can of worms that you will not find a satisfying answer too - maybe just best to have separate “groups” on the forums for each language group - so at least it is searchable to all community and coralled in one single place. I have found many useful answers in languages I cannot understand! Again not shiny and modern but functional and reliable.

Final point - think of “Debian” and just copy what they do - they are much larger, much older and an aboslutely solid first class example of how to do it right.

I appolagise for bluntness - but hey you asked for feedback :wink:

I do prefer forum.mautic.org than social media or other platform. Having one official place is the way to go, plus we can please the google god :- )

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