GA4 Open Tracking & Tokens

Hey there,
I’m trying to integrate open tracking from Mautic into GA4. My purpose is 2 fold:

  1. Track email campaign results in GA4.
  2. Build Audiences of Openers and Clickers that I can use with Google Remarketing (paid ads).

I am currently implementing the open tracking as follows, and the first issue I have run into is lack of tokens (or not being able to find them).

Consider this snippet to be inserted in my signature:

<img src=“{contactfield=id}&t=event&ec={campaign_name}&ea=open&dp=%2Femail%2F{campid}&dt={campid}&cm=email&cn={campid}&el={campid}” />

I can easily customize the contactfield, but I cannot seem to find any tokens that will insert the campaign_name or segment_mail name, or the associated ids.

Can anyone tell me if these tokens exist, and if they do, what they are?

Thanks in advance.