GDPR is coming / tracking opt-in


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will arrive in some weeks. It has massive effects on how marketing in the EU (or marketing with EU leads) will be done. One component is website user information tracking as it is done with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and - guess what - Mautic tracking.

As GDPR will be active in some weeks, right now there is no jurisdiction for it. But during preparation, some best practices have established - meaning how to do things to be (hopefully) compliant.

One thing is user opt-in for (the mentioned) tracking services. This means, user tracking is only allowed if the user gives his opt-in in the first place. An approach would be:

  1. The tracking script is loaded on the page but does not “fire”
  2. A message similar to the all present cookie messages is displayed
  3. If the message is confirmed, a cookie with the confirmation is stored
  4. Now the tracking script is enabled (also when the user comes back)

There is now way to know if this approach will be legally valid, but it seems it will be.

Any ideas how to implement something like that (e.g. with WordPress)?

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