Help with logic

I want to build out some logic for a campaign that would do the following
The potential customer fills out form “FormLead”
If the city is equal to PHI*.* send email {WelcomePhilly}
If city is equal to Che*.* send email {WelcomeCherry}
Wait 3 days send email {Top10inPhilly}
Wait 3 days send email {top10inCherry}

Once the potential customer has gotten the first two emails we would call them and ask them to attend an event. We would make a manual entry in the database that they will be going to the event.

If CherryEvent = Y move to segment Cherryevent
Wait 1 day send email {WelcometoCherryEvent}

If they do not sign up for the event we will send a number of emails out over the 30 days

My question is what is the proper way to build out this logic tree. Also, how can I send an email to a staff member once a prospect have a certain number of points?