How can I add a contact to another segment after they have opened any one of the multiple emails within a campaign?

I am currently working on a campaign consisting of several scheduled emails. My objective is to achieve that when a contact opens any of these emails, they are automatically moved to a different segment, without disrupting the sending sequence of the remaining emails.

Ideally, I would prefer to address this scenario without the need to create a new campaign, instead seeking a solution within the framework of the current campaign.

I appreciate in advance any guidance and insights that you can provide.

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Technical Details:

PHP Version: 7.4.333
Active Cron Codes

Attached is a screenshot of my campaign setup for reference.

After sending an email you can make a decision.
Did the contact open the email?

Then you have a yes and no branch. You can set the segment change in the yes branch.

I mean can I do this? (Image attached) And the other steps of the campaign will not be interrupted like other emails?


This will only check an open on the last email.

You can have an Open check on each email if you want, an alternative way is to go and create a segment that you want and inside the segment choose the filter “Read Specific Mailer” and you can then choose the emails you want for this segment to populate

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Update: The best idea for everything is to create a segment to filter all the contacts that opened an email after the end of the campaign (This is important)

But I understand that many campaigns receive contacts for indeterminate times, so for that there is another solution and after the action of sending email you must create two branches, one for decision making and the other to continue with the consequence of sending emails.

Encounters we will focus on decision-making, in the “If” option we can change the segment of the contact or eliminate it from it, but here is the important thing, the change of segment must allow it to be executed in a longer time than it lasts the bell

That is, if your campaign lasts 10 days, you must set that action to be executed in 11 days

There is another way and it is with labels and then you make another campaign to change segments, contacts with labels, it works in the same way, as long as the campaign time is respected

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