How can I check if a contact got deleted and redirect them?



How can I check if a former identified contact got
deleted and redirect them to a specific page?

Every lead who signs up for my newsletter has to confirm their subscription via a double opt in campaign before they become a contact. The lead has to click the confirmation link within 2 days. Standard procedure so far.

If the lead doesn’t click the link within 2 days after they signed up the (temporary) contact gets deleted via the campaign. If they do click, the get redirected to a welcome page on my website.

Everything is set up, the campaign works as expected.

My question is: How can I check if the contact is still an “active” contact and not already deleted by the time the click the confirmation link and land on my website’s page? My reason for checking this:

  • The lead could click the link after 2 days. If they do so, they would still see the confirmation page, but wouldn’t become a contact.

Therefore, I’d like to redirect the lead to another page, if they click the confirmation link after they got already deleted. I’d like to show a hint (like: „Your confirmation link expired. Please sign up again“) and render the sign up form on that page.

Is that possible?


Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.1.2

If you have deleted the contact, they are deleted and so there is nothing u can do as they are, well, deleted.

Suggest you alter your DOI campaign, and instead of deleting them move to another segment/campaign called “pending DOI” for example after waiting 2 days for them to click the link. Then set a campaign for this segment to send them a different email with the DOI link, or a new DOI link for a new page, if they visit the original DOI page

U won’t be able to send them to a new page when clicking on the new link after 2 days, I don’t think. Not with std mautic non-code tools.

I thought as much. Nice phrasing, though :smile:

I thought about creating a dynamic content element, which checks, if the page visitor is a identified contact. If not, it renders a JS redirect.
I guess, this might work, but only for users with JS activated—despite any pitfalls I might overlook.

Anyhow, it would be nice if mautic had a feature for expiring links.