How can I create a campaign based on my ETP's data


I want to start reaching out to my those clients who had purchased some of the items from my store in the past but now not buying it (they could be buying some other items).

In short, I am trying to find the best possible way to start a campaign based on my other ERP system’s data (no that other system does not give me flexibility as Mautic does) to convert lost clients.

One way I know of is use API and push data into the Mautic, but the question is can I get multiple records for one contact? if yes then where can I store that data??

Any of you had such use-case?

Thank you

Hi Ritesh,
could your ERP system update your contacts leads field? You could define custom fields as date fields for different purchase categories. Whenever they buy, let your ERP update the related field. Have segments, that are based on the custom date fields. Have campaigns, that run based on that segments…

Did I understand correctly?

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Hi dirk_s,

Yes you have understood my situation correctly, I believe your solution should work as long as I create a Tag with ProductID which was purchased by the contact, then I create a Segment for each product and add Filter Contact based on the Tag. Finally, I can run the Campaign for each Segment.

Sounds like a plan…

my ERP can update mautic via API so I can give it a shot!!

Thank you again.

Why tag? If you want to make it time based, wouldn’t it be better to set the date of last purchase as a custom contact field?

Because I would like to run a Campaign for each product so that contacts in that segment will keep cycling thru…