How do campaigns work?

Hey all,

I am about to create a campaign for a very simple email drip flow. One email after the other with a 3 day pause between them, basically.

Thing is, I know my campaign isn’t complete yet. I will edit existing mails, I will create new emails that are going to be “located” between existing emails or appended at the end of the drip.

Basically, I want to know what happens if I edit an existing campaign. What happens for contacts in the middle of the campaign. What happens if I delete a step? What are things to do, or to avoid.

I find many tutorials on creating a campaign, but nothing about editing a campaign. Any pointers, anyone ?

Thanks !

Think of it this way, when a new person is added to a campaign, all the steps in the campaign are set up and scheduled for them right away. If you them make any changes or additions to the campaign after this point, they will not be applied to the people already in the campaign.

They will get the campaign as it was when they first joined the campaign.

To have changes apply to people in a campaign you ould need to remove them and add them back, not ideal in most cases. Or create a new campaign for them.

Thank you for your answer!

I find it pretty disappointing that Mautic hasn’t grown on this matter. That’s the same rigid behaviour as described by Alan Hartless in 2016.

I completely understand the implied complexity of having campaigns mutable, but not being able to change a campaign for what still lies ahead of a contact’s voyage is beyond me.