How to: Add Double Opt-In to a Download Link

I want to introduce double opt-in to ensure the quality of my subscriber list but I equally don’t want the double opt-in link to be an additional step the subscriber needs to take - notably I already have recaptcha and a few other pieces of logic/checking on my subscribe form to reduce spam submissions.

What is the best approach for the following:

  1. visitor enters valid email address
  2. email is sent to specified address that includes a digital download link
  3. when the digital download link is clicked, the visitor is taken to the pdf (to view or download)
  4. by clicking the download link, they trigger the double opt-in and would then get further emails

The tricky bit is (I’d presume) having a double opt-in link that also takes the visitor to an alternate destination (namely the PDF download).

Can someone point me in the redirect direction?

Hi, see these vids: