How to Automatically send the Welcome Email Message to new users

Greetings Mautic Great Support!
I want that when the user is added first time in my contacts and in segment then he should also receive the welcome message in their email, I also created a template for welcome message in Emails and created Marketing message , but he is still not able to receive email in his inbox, Maybe I am skipping any important step, Please guide me how can solve this issue!
Thanks you so much for your great support.
Daud Ahmed


A few things.

First have you configured your cron jobs?
Have you connected with an email provider?
Have you set all your SPF, Dmarc and DKIM records?

Then create a campaign that sends the welcome email you would like to send. Set the segment membership as the Campaign trigger.

Is your problem that you’re not sending the email or that you’re not triggering the campaign? Please specify.