How to create a campaign for sending the Payment Link via Mautic.

Hello Everyone,

I am facing problem in creating campaign which sholud be repeat on Every Month.
My requirement is When the customer are take subscription then they would come under the Billing Segment. Then the Contact belong to the Billing segment will get the payment link after payment the done the would get the Welcome Mail and the Payment Received Filed is updated and segment is changed to they they will go into Payment Received Segment.
After the 23 day of subscription they will get the reminder mail for ending subscription. After 30 days they same cycle is followed.
But Currently the Campaign will run only one time.And I want the campaign for 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year as well.

Here are screenshots of Billing campaign and One Month Service campaign

Campaign Activity:

The cron are set on every minute.

Please Any one can help me for scheduling the campaign for every month.

Suggestion are appreciable.

Thank you in Advance.