How to deliver an email based on the recipient's time zone: segments with multiple time zones

Mailchimp calls it Timewrap, Klaviyo also has the same functionality via scheduling. So basically if I have a segment with recipients from multiple countries, I ought to be able to have my email delivered to recipients based on their time zone, e.g. I want both NYC and Sydney to receive a particular email at 2pm. their time zone. How do I set it up with Mautic? Schedule between hours doesn’t do the trick. I need this one badly, I imagine there must be more people struggling with this, its quite fundamental to email marketing.

Hi, this is a very nice, often requested feature.
However it’s not present in Mautic.
The only thing you could to is to create segments and make the send separately for each segment :frowning:

An other workaround is:

  1. Create 12 segments (Sidney to San Francisco).
  2. Unpublish all segments, and set publish each segment the desired time.
  3. Schedule the email to all 12 segements.
    The segments will publish one by one and the send will start once they are published at the accurate time in their timezone.

Sorry, that’s the best I can do :frowning:


Hi, Joey, thank you so much for taking the time to respond, and now I know why I wasn’t able to find this feature :slight_smile:

Do you know if its in the plans for the future releases? It is quite essential…

Regarding the workarounds, I send emails sometimes to 30 locales, not sure if segments system for each blast campaign wont drive me insane :slight_smile: What if I used condition → contact field value → preferred time zone and separate like this my main groups…?

Sure that is also a good way to address this problem.
Mautic offers you multiple ways to achieve similar results.

Thanks for confirming my line of thought, though its a workaround still. Do you maybe know if anybody tried introducing this functionality? I’d like to understand how big of a project this could get, like are we talking minor adjustments, or is this a big dev job?

Btw, is there a way to schedule segments to publish at a certain time, or did you mean manually?

Sorry, I’m totally wrong. For some reason I had the impression we can schedule segment publishing.
Turns out we can’t. So my solution is wrong.

Hi, no worries, the solution I thought of doesnt work either, the filter option does not do the trick :slight_smile: