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How to handle multiple lead magnets

Hi there,

I’m planning to switch to mautic and am wondering how you handle multiple lead magnets?

As of now I have 4 “content upgrades” for my blog posts, which serve as a lead magnet. With my current newsletter service I can set up a form, select a DOI email and a DOI confirmation follow-up email which are tied to the form. I created a form for each content upgrade, connected the same DOI confirmation request email and a specific follow-up email which delivered the freebie.

With mautic I need to do that in a campaign. Currently, I have a DOI campaign form which serves as an entry point for new contacts. They need to process the DOI campaign. It looks like this:

It works well.

Except, that it doesn’t deliver the lead magnet/content upgrade/freebie. It would happen after “Send confirmation successful” and before “Switch to nurturing campaign”. As I have 4 different types of lead magnets, I need to differentiate which one to deliver.

I though about creating 4 seperate forms, one for each leag magnet. I could create 4 additional campaigns, one for each lead magnet, and each has its own form as entry point. The main DOI campaign has all 5 forms (the one generic and 4 lead magnet forms) as entry point.

Here I’d need to wait for the generic DOI campaign to finish:

Is that possible? If so, how?

Another possibility would be to create 4 standalone forms. Each form creates the contact, adds a tag (Lead Magnet XY) to the new contact and posts the standalone form data to the generic DOI campaign form. This starts the DOI sequence pictured above. The sequence can be modified to check for the lead magnet tag:

I have a feeling that both approaches are overly complicated and error prone. How do you apporach this?

Best regards