How to move one campaign to another subdomain

I have mautic on a subdomain with multiple campaigns for different clients. Now I want to move just one campaign with all emails and contacts from this campaign to another subdomain.
What is the best way to do this?

Hi, maybe this plugin can help:

Check the video for it:

Hei, thank you for the help!
Great plugin and tutorial, I will definitely use it in the future but for this case it is not exactly what I want.

This is quite a tricky thing to do and requires writing up some scripts to take the correct tables and entries from the database and import them into your new instance. It is a time consuming script to write but fully doable.

Are you familiar with the mysql database ?

I solved the issue, as you said, with SQL scripts directly in my database, but I did it for every table individually. I selected all the relevant data in the table for the campaign mainly based on the category, exported them and then imported them into the new database.

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