How to search / filter in contact by page hit or the page visited

I am trying to filter all contacts who have visited a certain page or with a page hit from our main website. We have the tracking on the main website but we couldn’t figure how to filter it in contact. We looked over this document and still can’t make head or tail of it … Search | Mautic

What would the proper string to filter all contact that have visited a certain page (not mautic landing page) .

Thank you

Hello @techbill,

You can create a segment with the filter “Page visited” then choose “contains” and indicate your domain name as a value.
I suggest you add a second filter “Email” with the value “not empty” to have only known contacts and not phantom contacts.

Can you tell me if this matches your search?


I tried that and I don’t see Page visited in filter or :contains"

Here the screenshot of the filter

if I select Visit X URL then nothing else happens … There no “contains” selection or input box for me to fill it in or select from.

Am I overlooking something here?

I think it that damn bug again … Same one I had before when I select a filter then second box does not appear … sigh …

Can you try this ?


the box is not appearing after I select “Visted X URL”

@techbill, can you try ;


and retry.

I tried that earlier and it didn’t fix it this time but it fix it before

I had that problem happened to me in previous version. I am on 4.2.1 now and it broke again.

Hello @techbill,

If you create a new segment do you have a good result (or not)?


I am able to create segment now . after clearing cache in both mautic and browser

But what the page name? based on url address or head of page name? I tried page header name and it doesn’t filter it for me … I will try full url address to see if that works next

I got it sorted now ,

It’s. the “x page title” that what I was looking for …

But still need to figure and solve why my segment filter keep stop working once a while where I have to keep deleting cache folder in both mautic and browser to restore it.

Hello @techbill,

For this my website (
I use this filter “Visited URL X” with “regexp” and this value “webanyone\.net”
The backslash “\” sign is to escape dot “.” sign.

On this segment, I see all contacts have visited one page of my website.
It’s work for you?