Mautic segment filters

Your software
My Mautic version is:4.2.5
My PHP version is:8.0
My Database type and version is:MariaDB

Your problem
My problem is: I want to be able to create a custom segment filter where they can search for a specific page_hit and has an operator for the number of times. such as return a list of contacts that has page_hit = and has a count greater than 2.

Hi, this filter is not available in Mautic right now.

No it does not, but mautic allows you to add custom filters via core events.

This is probably not recommended but this is what I done. But I will share for others that want to try it out.

I create a new filter which is a direct copy of hit_url_count and named it to what I wanted to do.

'hit_url_x_count' => [
                'label'      => 'Visited URL X Times',
                'properties' => ['type' => 'number'],
                'operators'  => $this->typeOperatorProvider->getOperatorsIncluding([
                'object' => 'lead',

In the ContactSegmentDictionary I added a new array for my new filter which again is close to the original hit_url_count except instead of field => id i used field => url.

$this->filters['hit_url_x_count']                 = [
            'type'                => ForeignFuncFilterQueryBuilder::getServiceId(),
            'foreign_table'       => 'page_hits',
            'foreign_table_field' => 'lead_id',
            'table'               => 'leads',
            'table_field'         => 'id',
            'func'                => 'count',
            'field'               => 'url',

When I build my segment using the filter Visited X URL and then I use my new filter and it is working as expected. I can also add Visited URL (date) and filter by date too if needed,

Before I did this I did try to use Visit any URL x times and it did not do what I wanted. (had to try :slight_smile: )

This is the query it ends up building

    COUNT(leadIdPrimary) AS count,
    MAX(leadIdPrimary) AS maxId,
    MIN(leadIdPrimary) AS minId
    SELECT DISTINCT AS leadIdPrimary
        leads l
   IN (
                SELECT par1.lead_id
                FROM page_hits par1
                WHERE par1.url = 'url here'
        AND (
            EXISTS (
                SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT par3.url)
                FROM page_hits par3
                WHERE = par3.lead_id
                HAVING COUNT(DISTINCT par3.url) >= 1
        AND (
   IN (
                SELECT par5.lead_id
                FROM page_hits par5
                WHERE par5.date_hit >= "2024-01-31 15:00"
        AND (
   NOT IN (
                SELECT par6.lead_id
                FROM lead_lists_leads par6
                WHERE par6.leadlist_id = 3735
) sss;

Excuse the hardcoded parameters it was part of my testing