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Page hits conditionning


I’ll be setting up Mautic for the first time in my company, and have a few newbies questions. This one appears simple but can’t find a precise answer:

  • I want to have conditioning based on page hits number: when a lead has visited URL X more than 5 times, send email1. I know it is possible to attribute points based on number of page hits, but is there a way to do this more “directly”?
    - Is is possible to create a segment with filter=“page visit” together and with condition “more than” 5 ?
    - or within a campaign, is it possible to use the condition “page visit” together with a frequency (5)?
    - or am I simply missing something?

another somewhat question is: what would be the best way to have my segments mutually exclusive?

  • segment A: cold leads (“sign-up”=yes)
  • segment B: interested leads (“sign up”=yes AND “visited page X”)
  • segment C: warm leads (“sign up”=yes AND “visited page X” AND "visited page Y)
    I want that a contact in segment C gets excluded from segments A and B, as they progress in the funnel and stop receiving emails from campaign-segment A and B. Does such a set-up automatically move a contact from one segment to another, or the contact would be in 3 segments simultaneously?

Thanks a lot for the support!

Hi again,
actually I have another related question about page visit would be:

  • how to setup a condition or tags, to send an email when a lead has not visited page X in the past 7days?

Thanks for any support or link;) !

Left side of menu - Click Points

And you have point triggers as well

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