How to send campaign email at different time on different days of week

I had a campaign that sent out an email to all users in a segment every day, at the same time, but I changed it to still send out an email on every day of the week, but at different times of the day.

E.g. on weekdays send out email at 9AM and on weekend send out emails at 12PM.

I tried adding 2 Email Action Triggers to my campaign, one for weekdays and one for weekends, and I have a Re-add to this campaign action as well.

Now it seems like the email only went out to very few people on the list, instead of the whole list. Is this because I edited the campaign, mid-campaign, or because it’s not set up properly?


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You can read this: The campaign doesn't send to the previous contacts
Short answer: the new emails will not be sent to the contacts that have already started the campaign.

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Thank you. I duplicated my campaign, and that seems to have reset it.

Regarding sending the emails at different times on different days, is it ok that I have this all in one campaign, meaning will the emails send out properly, or would you recommend that I create a separate campaign for each day of the week, and have an action at the end to re-add to this campaign in 7 days?

sorry, perhaps I did not understood your scope at first.

I hope you are aware of:

  1. for a contact to be able to restart the campaign, this must be set to yes:
  2. I am not sure if re-adding to the same campaign would work, as the contact is already inside the campaign.
  3. inside a campaign you have an action named: Jump to Event => you can make the loop you want inside the campaign, without the need for the contact to restart the campaign (so you will not need yes from #1)

For 3 I see the disadvantage that, if you later change something in the campaign, the contacts that are already in the campaign will not get the updated campaign.
=> a solution I see, is to use at least 2 campaigns: to split the current campaign into two halves and to re-add the contact from one into the other (for this you will need the yes from point #1)

You have to enable restarting campaign for a contacts and you have to add a condition who can check the current day, if that is saturday or sunday , then it should send 1st mail otherwise send second mail.