How to sent yourself an email after a user form validation?

Hi !

My version :neutral_face: Mautic v4.0.1,# PHP Version 7.4.19, Database info 10.5.15-MariaDB-log

The other day I did a trial with one form, it sent me an email, the setup are like this :

I did the same with another email (same setup) and I did try the previous one, it doens’t send the email anymore. I can’t do a Mautic update right now, (in a bit normally). So I will be very thankfull if anyone had an idea because it"s starting to be annoying not to have stable element in Mautic.

Hello @zwf,

Is the chosen e-mail published?
Can you show us your whole screen Mautic (currently your screenshots are cut off)?



Here is it,

I also did try filling the form with “reply to contact”/“send to contact” : YES.

Can it come from the “render style from template” or “search indexing” features ? (they are both activated). Kios mode didn’t changed anything about my issue.

Hello @zwf,

I will suggest one thing.
You created a form with a “Send form results” action, it works.
Then you created a second form and copy/pasted the “Message” part of the “Send form results” action and it doesn’t work.

Is it possible that it happened this way?


Hello @pierre_a,

It’s back, I just did another test adding another form result and it did worked. I don’t really know why it didn’t worked before,

Thank you for your help !

Hello @zwf

I’m glad it works.
Can you please indicate that you have found the solution (via “Solved”) to help others on the forum.