How to store interest?


let’s say, we’ve got a 4 different topics for our content / newsletter / landing pages.

How would I store the info along with a contact, what topics this contact is interested (by using this contacts action like opened a landing page or similar)?

How would it possible to change that interest over time? If the contact clicks 3 times on topic 3 and 1 time on topic 2, topic 3 seems to be more interesting to this contact.

Tags would probably work best.

Points would play a role as well. many ways to tackle this.

For the points, I don’t see an option of having categories for points.
It’s just one scoring system for one contact.

Similar for the tags:
When a contact visits a landing page, I can add a tag.
But I can’t emphasize on it like 3 visits over 3 newsletters result in 3 x the same tag.
There is no weight.

Any idea on how to solve this?

At risk of being one those that does not answer your question but rather asks you to change some far bigger radical component…

Perhaps your logic of trying to score interest by the level of interaction with a piece of content is flawed. Obv I don’t have the full picture, but as a marketer, for me, if a prospect is more interested in subject A than subject B, they are still interested in both A and B. So I would send them content on both, even if A was of more interest to them.

I am not sure I see the use case in assigning weight to interest. Weight definitely has role to play in matter such as buying signals and the points module is equipped to handle that.

I’d still send content about subject A & B. I’m just wondering what to send at the top of the email.
If I want to use dynamic content for instance and render the focus topic for one contact into the stop / header spot of the email content, how do you do that?

I am not sure Mautic can do that but I see now how that could be useful in ordering DC in a single email, or even on a landing page.