I see so many threads here starting by

I messed up my mautic after upgrade…why is mautic so BUGGY? I mean I never seen something like that…and it was bought by Drupal… I cant figure this out…upgrade should be easy, with no errors, so does Mautic team expect we do fresh install after each version? Or just keep an old version for years?

Hi there,

First and foremost I think we need to acknowledge that Mautic is an Open Source Project. It is not maintained by the company that purchase the code base, it is a different branch that is supported by the amazing people of the community.

The big problem that we are seeing is the number of people testing release candidates, and I fall into this as often I am not technical enough to test, but if you are you should see how you can contribute and make the releases more stable.

Also Mautic is running on a Linux server generally, this is very different from windows where there are dependencies and conflicts - a lot to do with limited resources.

Overall I think this is an amazing product and initiative and is supported by amazing people and there are lots of people in this forum that give their own time to help people that have troubles with installations of actually operating the system as well.